Logic, perception, love, and uncertainty drive my curiosity. Using primarily paper and ink, slow processes induce an equanimity I find useful for contending with daunting times.

Geometry and patterns are deeply integrated into how we interpret the intricacies of the universe through our senses, science, and cultures. Anomalies appear in both natural and constructed systems, so when and why do we blip over such irregularities? When and why do some grab the eye?  Starting with a systematic structure inspired by mathematics, I use visual layering, references to games and recreational drugs, idioms, found items and random elements as I look at tolerance thresholds for nonconformity or corruption, and how the mind filters information when seeking authenticity and meaning.

Philosophy, science and nature all lead me to contend with the effects of random forces within rational systems of implied order. Reason, intuition and drawing are how I puzzle it out.

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